Which machine is best for me?

Are you unsure about which Forsstrom machine is best suited for your type of manufacturing? Many of our different models have a broad range of applications and can be used for several different products. But, different types of production require different types of equipment. Below are a number of factors that are important to consider when selecting a machine.
  • Product size and type of weld play a vital role in deciding which model is best to use.
    For large material volumes with long, straight welds, the best choice is a travelling machine, where the material can be laid out on the welding table and then welded from one end to the other with the machine set for automatic travel.
    For small products with complicated welding operations that require a lot of material handling, the best choice is a stationary machine since it provides more room around the machine for moving the material.
    For large material volumes with complicated welding operations, the best choice may be a travelling, suspended machine, since this type of machine makes it possible to lay out all of the material on the welding table and provides unlimited space under the electrode.

  • The amount of free space behind the electrode varies between our machines. The amount of space needed depends on the type of product manufactured.

  • Two other important factors are the production volume and the degree of automation required. We have machines that require quite a bit of manual labour, which may not be a problem if production is small scale or the material is easy to handle. It could even be a requirement if the product has numerous and complicated welding operations. On the other hand, if production is large scale, the material is heavy or long, straight welds are required, a more automated machine could generate great time and quality gains. 

  • Our machines are also available with different capacities, from 2 kW up to 30 kW. The machine effect governs how large of a welding surface you can weld per cycle – the greater the effect, the larger the welding surface. Which effect is suitable for your particular production also depends on material type, material thickness and the number of layers to be welded.

  • The size of the premises also plays a role. In principle, our travelling machines can have a welding table in any length. Only the walls of your factory limit how long of a table can be installed. Our machines also weigh quite a bit. The floor must therefore be strong enough to bear the weight. This is usually not a problem for normal concrete workshop floors.

Thus, there are many parameters to consider when choosing your equipment, so the best way to get a good answer to this question is to contact us! At FORSSTROM, we have the knowledge and experience needed to advise you on what machine would suit you best based on how your specific business is set up and what requirements and expectations you have of welding equipment.

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