Sample database

This database demonstrates the great possibilities that a high quality PVC material and a high quality HF welding machine give - there are almost no limits as to what you can make with materials from Serge Ferrari, Low & Bonar, Verseidag, Sioen or Dickson Coatings and Forsstrom’s welding machines!
It also displays how Forsstrom’s product range in terms of different machine models, accessories and software can be combined to manufacture different types of PVC end products in the best way possible.
Further, it shows the high quality of a seam welded with a Forsstrom machine. The seam is very strong, in most cases as strong as the surrounding, non-welded material. To illustrate this in a clear way we have tested the tensile strength of each welded material and then compared the result with the tensile strength of the non-welded material. With a few exceptions, the non-welded material has broken before the welded seam.
All materials are welded with a Forsstrom machine equipped with the unique welding program EMP. With EMP, the machine automatically sets parameters such as pressure, welding time and cooling time to values optimised for the material in question. Forsstrom is the only company in the industry to offer this program, which radically simplifies and streamlines production through simpler tool changes, improved weld quality and less dependence on the skills of the individual operator. For each sample we indicate guide values for the EMP settings that are suitable for that very material.
We hope that this database will give you a better understanding of what Forsstrom, Serge Ferrari, Low & Bonar, Verseidag, Sioen and Dickson Coatings can offer and how we can help you to become more efficient and accurate!

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