What we do and how we work

Forsstrom High Frequency AB develops, manufactures and sells machines for welding PVC and PU material with HF

Since the 70’s, we have perfected and developed HF (high frequency) technology to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our product range is very wide, with machines suitable for a variety of end products in many different market segments.

Production and development

Production and development takes place in Lysekil on the Swedish west coast. Quality, innovation and safety are the core principles of our manufacturing philosophy and Forsstrom works with the intention of developing long-term partnerships with its customers. Investing in a HF-welding machine is an investment for many years to come. That’s why we offer a complete concept including installation, training, service and global support.

Family owned company

Forsstrom’s founder Willy Forsström began building machines for HF-welding in the 1960s. The family owned company was founded in 1970 and has grown steadily. Today, Forsstrom is the world leader in this segment, exporting almost its entire production. Our welding machines are installed with customers located all around the world.

Despite large development, Forsstrom remains a family business, with two generations of the Forsström family playing active roles in the company. The factors that have contributed to Forsstrom’s success through the years continue remaining vital:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Safety


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from the left: Peter Forsström, Robert Forsström and Ronny Forsström


Forsstrom Company Presentation



We are proud to offer machines of the highest quality and performance. With many years of experience in the industry, we have a solid and extensive knowledge of HF-welding and the global conditions for welding production in the industrial environment. This unique experience creates significant added value for our customers.

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This is a photo showing Forsstrom's touch-screen operating panel


At Forsstrom we love testing new ideas! Forward thinking and innovation are important to us and have been since Forsstrom was founded. There is always development work in progress at Forsstrom. Both our Design department and our Programming department are situated at our head office in Lysekil, Sweden.

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This is a photo showing a side view of the Forsstrom machine TX-Mega, focusing on the large distance between the welding electrode and the earth electrode.


Safety is very important to us at Forsstrom. The operator working in a Forsstrom machine should always feel safe and able to focus on the work at hand. The Forsstrom machines are also environmentally friendly with extremely low gas emissions.

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Do you want to know more?

Contact sales@forsstrom.com to learn more about Forsstrom’s machines and how they can be used to produce your product.

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