Soft electrode

A soft electrode is a metal tool covered with silicone and Teflon®. With a soft electrode, it is possible to produce a seam that is practically invisible, thanks to the soft edges of the cover material, which reduce the imprint of the electrode on the welded surface. This is particularly important when welding billboards or movie screens.

Further, it is a tool that makes it possible to weld mesh. When welding mesh with a standard electrode, circuit flashes can arise in the gaps between the treads of the material. The soft cover on the electrode fills up the gaps and thus reduces the risk of circuit flashes.

A soft electrode can also be used to close the fibre ends of reinforced materials. This is very useful for products that are made for containing liquids. If the fibres are open, the liquid may penetrate through the fibres and discolor it or, if it comes to the worst, destroy the material. Welding with a soft electrode is also useful for products such as pool liners. Smooth transitions between the material and the welded seam mean that there are no sharp edges that risk hurting bare feet, and there will be no space between the materials where bacteria or dirt can gather.