Customer stories

Customer stories

We asked our UK customer Custom Covers some questions. This is what Simon Bell answered.

Which product do you manufacture?

a. Temporary structures and tensile fabric structures
b. Swimming pool covers

Why did you decide to purchase Forsstrom machines?

We bought our first Forsstrom machine over 20 years ago based on an evaluation of value for money and productivity benefits. As we continued to grow, we have continued to buy Forsstrom welders as they match of methods of working and are well supported. We have now just bought our 10th & 11th TDW welders.

Is there anything you are specifically satisfied with?

We value to ability to place large sheets into the welding trough, and this allows good clearance around the welding electrode.

Do you have any tip concerning your Forsstrom machines that you would like to share?

The ability to programme in a semi-automatic mode aids productivity in long welding runs.

What is your experience with service and support after the delivery of your machines?

The UK is well served by James’s support (James Nightingale at HF Industries), and we have always had rapid support from Sweden when this has been necessary.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

We find the machines to be robust and reliable.

Thank you Simon Bell and Custom Covers for sharing and for being our customer.

We asked our Swedish customer Specialplast some questions. Here is what Tore Solvang answered:

Which product do you make?

We are mostly a manufacturer of medical technology products, but we also make special and office products. We don’t have any products of our own, but instead help our customers develop and manufacture their products.

Why did you purchase a machine from Forsstrom?

The Forsstrom machines are of good quality and the support is great.

Is there anything you are specifically satisfied with?

You are always very helpful.

Has your Forsstrom machine surprised you in any way?

I find the Forsstrom machines very good and reliable.

What is your experience with service and support after the machine delivery?

It has worked very well.

Is there anyting you would like to share?

The colaboration with Forsstrom works very well and I’m satisfied.
Thank you Tore Solvang and Specialplast for sharing and for being our customer.

We asked our Swiss customer Lanz Anliker some questions.

Here is what Pascal Hirschi answered.

Which product do you manufacture?

We manufacture different bags.

Why did you decide to purchase a Forsstrom machine?

We were on a exhibition and we watched different machines. The Forsstrom machine convinced us, with her design and with the solid construction.
Another argument for Forsstrom was the German service partner Mark Pflaumer at Pfaumer Automation. We already knew him and had great experiences with him.

What is your experience with service and support after the delivery of your machine?

The Forsstrom service was absolutely satisfying.
And our service partner Mark Pflaumer is awesome as noticed above.

Thank you Pascal Hirshi and Lanz-Anliker AG for sharing and for being our customer.

We asked our customer Järven in Sweden about their experience with their Forsstrom machines.

We asked our Swedish customer Järven some questions. Here is what Niclas Nordin answered.

Which product do you make?

We manufacture healthcare products (mattresses and pillows).

Why did you purchase machines from Forsstrom?

Because the machines are made in Sweden and I appreciate the good accessibility to service and support. We also have previous experience with Forsstrom machines and we have always been satisfied with them.

Is there anything that you are specifically satisfied with?

Our impression is that our newest machines give us an even higher quality in the welded seams.

In short, we are very satisfied with both your service and with our Forsstrom machines.

Thank you Niclas Nordin, Järven, for answering and for letting us be your HF machine supplier.

We asked our customer Union Industries in the UK to share their story with us.

Union Industries was founded by Paul and Isobel Schofield, Mr & Mrs S as they are affectionally known, in 1972. They identified early on the advantages of High Frequency welding and purchased the first Forsstrom machine in the early 1980’s. This machine and the others that followed it were the cornerstone of Union’s development of their class leading range of high speed doors.

The Forsstrom machines performed perfectly for more than 30 years. They were in daily use and needed nothing more than routine servicing.

In 2015 we opened a new manufacturing facility, we filled it with state of the art equipment and took that opportunity to replace our old, faithful and still fully working, High Frequency welders. The replacements were, of course, Forsstrom machines. We didn’t just blindly order though; we went to exhibitions spoke to other HF users and really explored the market for the best equipment.

Our investigations always led back to Forsstrom products, so we ordered three brand new machines with bed length between 10 and 20 meters.

As before our Forsstrom machines performed flawlessly and our new factory provided the platform for better productivity and to underpin our service first philosophy for our blue chip customer base.

Then the unthinkable happened, a faulty extractor fan in the workshop rest room started a fire that decimated the new facility and all of our HF welders. This was potentially a disaster, loosing our entire manufacturing base decimated our capability and put, for the first time ever, our delivery dates in jeopardy. At times like this the true nature of a company comes to the fore, our employees salvaged what they could from the fire ravaged building and the very next day they were assembling our products in the car park so that we wouldn’t miss a delivery date.

Its not just about our people, the HF welders were critical to our business on a day to day level. On the very next day, after the fire, Forsstrom’s UK distributor was on site assessing the machines and looking for ways to help us. The machines were totally destroyed but a loan machine was found and within a few days it was installed in a temporary facility and we were producing again.

In parallel with the loan machine Forsstrom rushed replacement machines through their already very busy factory and in record time we had a brand new machine up and working.

When looking at machines of any kind there will always be common features, sometimes slick sales people and maybe special offers. My advice to anyone, based on our experience, would be to look beyond the metal, who is the company behind the product, what’s their ethos and if you need them will they be by your side? This might be to resolve a breakdown, improve a process or, as in our case, help us recover from a disaster.

Forsstrom stood shoulder to shoulder with us in our hour of need. They are not a supplier to Union, they are part of our family.

Thank you Andrew Lane, Union Industries, for sharing this nice story.