Weld samples


Forsstrom has performed a large number of weld samples for world-leading material suppliers

As a part of our fruitful partnership with material manufacturers Serge Ferrari®, Mehler Texnologies, Verseidag, Sioen, Rivertex, Dickson Constant and Saint Clair Textiles we have put together a web-based database with a range of materials from each material manufacturer.

Sample database

All materials are welded with a Forsstrom HF-welding machine. Each weld samples is presented on a test sheet where you will find information about the material characteristics. We also present recommendations of Forsstrom equipment suitable for welding the type of products that the material is intended for. Register here for access to our sample data base.


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All these welding results can also be found in Forsstrom’s operating system.

Forsstrom has made selection of the test sheets in the database which are presented in a binder. The test sheets show the same information that you can find in our sample data base and in the machines’ operating system. However in the binder there is also a welded material sample on each test sheet.


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