Why HF / RF for welding PVC and PU Materials?

There are other technologies than high frequency (radio frequency) welding which can be used to join together sheets of PVC and PU materials, however, HF welding is by far the best method for joining PVC and PU materials. The weld is much stronger, compared to other technologies, such as hot air, hot wedge or impulse welding. The resulting weld is also airtight and waterproof.

That’s why you should use HF/RF technology in your production.

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What is HF welding? What is RF Welding? Radio Frequency welding or High Frequency welding?

What is HF welding?

High Frequency (HF) or Radio Frequency (RF) welding is a method of joining thermoplastic materials using radio waves and pressure to create high-quality welds.

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Produced by Architen Landrell, UK.

End products

A Forsstrom machine creates fantastic opportunities to manufacture exciting end products!

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TDO HF PVC welding machine

Our machines

Forsstrom has a wide range of HF-welding machine models – each developed to suit different types of manufacturing. We categorize them as stationary, travelling and machines for automation.

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