This is a photo of Forsstrom's high frequency generator, FG.


FG 120
3 kW HF Generator

Forsstrom’s machine model FG 120 is a small 3kW HF-generator with built-in control system for controlling welding parameters such as time and power. The FG 120 is suitable as a stand-alone unit for eyelet welding. Additionally, the generator is ideal for inline HF-production of medical and packaging applications.

Discover Forsstrom FG 120

Machine options:

  • Adaptation to external HF-press such as the CP9 eyelet press or Forsstrom’s table press TP 120
  • Moveable on wheels
  • Switch for dual HF-outputs

The generator on the picture is used with the table press TP. The TP is an accessory available for the FG 120 and has a maximum electrode length of 300 mm. TP 120 is ideal for small detailed welds, such as reinforcement bands around a large structure.

Technical Specs

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