TD-Ceiling 200/400

This picture shows Forsstrom's machine model TD-Ceiling.

Forsstrom’s TD-Ceiling is a turnkey solution that has been developed for production of high quality stretch ceilings. It has cut/seal welding and edge banding (keder), all in one machine.

TD-Ceiling has a dual HF-output (5 kW/10 kW) to enable welding with thin cutting edge electrodes as well as wider electrodes.  The travelling HF-welding machine has all the technology and tools needed to ensure high accuracy and straight continuous welds in the production of stretch ceilings. TD-Ceiling is delivered with top quality electrodes mounted in a special tool holder that is fine-tuned and adjustable in both height and sideways. Another important feature is the specially designed straight track system; each leg can be individually adjusted to the rail which guarantees a perfectly straight foundation for the machine. These are key factors for success in the manufacturing of stretch ceilings!

  • Stable and optimized HF-generator
  • Seamless table and straight track system
  • Fine-tuned machine tools