Discover Forsstrom TG-Flex

Advanced, travelling gantry machine

The advanced HF-welding machine TG-Flex saves time in the manufacture of large-volume products, such as oil booms and liquid tanks. The TG-Flex is an excellent machine to use when making windows for tents. Material handling is reduced due to the machine head’s ability to turn 360° as well as being adjusted +/- 600 mm laterally. The TG-Flex (8-25 kW) is mounted in a C-press and is available with a table of any length, with or without trough for material storage.

TG-Flex Highlights

Lateral Adjustment

Experience unmatched flexibility with the TG-Flex’s machine head, offering a remarkable ±600 mm lateral adjustment. Achieve precise alignment and superior welding accuracy for all your projects.

360° Rotation

The TG-Flex’s 360° rotating machine head and pre-programmable welding sequences drastically reduce material handling

Large Volume

Designed for flexibility and efficiency, the TG-Flex excels in producing large-volume products with ease.

Working platforms on both sides

The gantry has a working platform with manoeuvre panels on each side. Operators can either stand on the floor in front of the machine or travel with the machine along the table on the platforms. It is also equipped with a remote control.

Technical Specs

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