Keder HF Welding Machine

  • 8 kW emitted HF.
  • 300 cm² weldable surface.
  • 200 mm max electrode width

Key Features

  • Automatic off-winding of two (2) rolls up to 600 mm in diameter and two (2) rolls up to 350 mm in diameter
  • Indexing unit with an adjustable stroke length up to 1250 mm
  • Up-winding unit for rolls with a maximum diameter of 600 mm (optional)
  • Tooling depending on application

Discover Forsstrom TX-Automatic

Consisting of, in addition to the welding machine, an off-winding, indexing and optionally an up-winding unit if required. The TX Automatic has a production capacity of 200–300 meter/hour depending on end product. With the TX Automatic you can produce keder and tubes, etc. in an automatic continuous process.

Technical Specs

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