Large Stationary HF Welding Machine

  • 10-20 kW emitted HF.
  • 400-800 cm² weldable surface.
  • 880 mm free space behind the electrode
  • 450 mm max electrode width
  • 75 mm daylight (with a 45 mm high electrode)

Discover Forsstrom TX-Mega

Forsstrom TX-Mega is a larger version of the popular HF-welding machine TX and can weld up to 450 mm in width. The powerful TX-Mega (10-20 kW) has been developed to weld volume products and can weld an area of up to 800 cm².

The Larger version of the TX HF welding machine

TX-Mega has a wider welding table and extra large space behind the electrode compared to the sister machine TX (880 mm compared to TX’s 750 mm).

Additionally, the TX-Mega has larger space between the electrode holder and the earth electrode.

The machine can be used as a stand-alone, or as a complement to a larger system of welding machines.

Up to 800 cm² Weld Area

The TX-Mega’s ability to weld an area up to 800 cm² makes it perfect for high-volume production environments. The machine is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industries that require consistent and extensive welding tasks, ensuring both reliability and high-quality results in every weld.

Broad Weldable Tool Width of 450 mm

With a weldable tool width of 450 mm, the TX-Mega accommodates a wide variety of materials and applications. This broad width enables the machine to handle larger components in a single pass.

2700 kg Maximum Pressure

The TX-Mega is capable of applying a maximum pressure of 2700 kg, ensuring firm and secure welds even for the most demanding applications. The ability to exert significant pressure ensures optimal adhesion and strength in the welded joints.

Wider Welding Table and Extra-Large Space

The wider welding table and the extra-large space behind the electrode are designed to improve user convenience and functionality. The expansive working area supports the handling of larger and bulkier materials.

Designed with Ample Space

The TX-Mega’s design includes ample space between the electrode holder and the earth electrode. This spacious configuration allows for easier manipulation of the welding components.

Standalone or

Versatility is a key feature of the TX-Mega, which can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into larger welding systems. This adaptability makes it suitable for various production environments, from small workshops to large industrial operations.

Accessories and welding tools

Forsstrom offers a diverse range of accessories for our HF welding machines, designed to enhance and optimize your production process. Each accessory is carefully developed to meet the unique requirements of various industries, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.


Technical Specs

Forsstrom was the only company that, from the first meeting, presented special drawings and solutions and gave extra input.

Sven Manse, Product Manager, Hörmann Alkmaar

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