At Forsstrom, we strive to deliver HF welding / RF welding machines with the highest of quality! They must function and last for many years in production, with all of its associated wear and tear.
In order to ensure that the equipment we deliver works properly, we subject our machines to extensive testing and inspection before sending them out to our customers. Each step of the assembly process is documented and the various functions of the machine undergo a final inspection prior to delivery. We check the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components, the tools and other accessories. We also test settings and computer functions, measure radiation levels and perform test welds – all to ensure that the equipment we deliver works as promised.
If required, we can also perform supplementary radiation measurements following a specially designed measurement document, which the customer is given access to. Customers also have the option of coming to our factory to grant final approval of the machine before it is delivered.
If something should happen with the machine after delivery, we provide a one-year warranty for all of our machines and a three-year warranty for computer parts.

Made in Sweden Made in Sweden