Performance, quality and safety

A strong, effective and high-quality machine

One of our customers described their Forsstrom machine as a workhorse. Even though it was put to extremely intense use in production, it never seemed to tire out. That is exactly what we want to offer: a strong, effective, high-quality machine that withstands the tests of time!

Strong welds

In addition to a strong machine, a Forsstrom customer also benefits from a strong and durable weld. Our machines produce one of the strongest welds available on the market.


We also believe that quality can be measured in terms of functionality and safety. That is why we also strive to make our machines as user friendly and safe as possible. Not even an inexperienced operator should find it difficult to use our machines and accessories. And of course, you should feel safe when working with a Forsstrom machine.

Our machines are safe, and we have functionality and user friendliness in mind when integrating safety into the machines.


The control panel has a good layout with easily accessible controls that are planned with ergonomics in mind. All our machines work at a low noise level. The welding tables are designed to enable the operator to easily handle the welding material. The machine’s electrode holder is equipped with a pneumatic tool lock to make tool changes quick and simple.

We also provide several industry-specific accessories that are specially designed to facilitate and streamline work based on the intended end product.