Innovative thinking and sensitivity to market needs

Innovative thinking – we like to try out new ideas!

It is Forsstrom’s ambition to always offer our customers a total solution for their specific type of manufacturing – and we do exactly that. We are proud to offer machines of the highest quality and performance. With more than 50 years in the business, we also have solid knowledge of the HF-technology and welding production conditions in industrial environments.

Product development

Forsstrom’s product development continues to move ahead, often as a result of close cooperation with our customers and local representatives. They provide us with invaluable information on the requirements of the market. This information is transformed into practical solutions for our customers. Many of our most innovative machines are developed in this way.

New ideas

At Forsstrom we love testing new ideas! Forward thinking and innovation are important to us and have been since Forsstrom was founded. There is always innovative thinking and development work in progress at Forsstrom and both our Design department and our Programming department are situated at our head office in Lysekil, Sweden. We continually receive feedback from our customers, our local representatives and our own sales representatives and technicians in the field. This information is vital to us. We want to know what our customers think – both what they consider good and want they think could be better. Many of our machine models, accessories and software programs have been developed through the attention we pay to market feedback. We think this is the best way to move forward and embrace innovative thinking.

Do you want to know more?

Maybe you have a product you want to weld, but need a different or new production solution? Or maybe you wonder whether the material you have can be welded in a Forsstrom machine? Contact us to discuss your needs and/or for test welding!

We have an impressive range of world-class welding machines and accessories, however we constantly continue to improve and enhance our products. Either we have an existing solution, or we can develop it for you. We are always ready for new ideas.