The picture shows Forsstrom's platen welder PTW.

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For complex shape welds

Forsstrom PTW is a HF Platen welding machine with a stable controlled HF power output, ideal for various HF welding applications that require precision flat surface for product positioning and complex shape welds..

PTW Highlights


Enhance your production efficiency with our PTW’s interface designed for connecting shuttles or turntables effortlessly. Perfect for blister packs, medical containers, and more.

Operating panel

The PTW’s 12” touch screen panel is user-friendly and precise. It ensures optimal performance for all your HF welding needs.

Press head

The PTW’s 190 mm press head travel allows for precise, complex welds, making it ideal for automotive parts, medical containers, and more. Achieve consistent results with every use.

Shuttles and Turntables

Available with an output power from 12 to 20 kW, the Forsstrom PTW can be equipped with automation such as single and/or double-sided shuttle tables, automatic front-loading shuttle or turntables providing an ideal machine for production of blister and clam shell packages, medical containers, automotive parts and assemblies, and many other products.


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