This is a photo of our hanging TDO, TDO XY gantry high freuqneyc welding machine

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TDO Highlights

Simplified Handling

The TDO’s suspended design offers unlimited space, making it perfect for large-scale productions like tents and speed doors. Say goodbye to cumbersome material handling and hello to streamlined operations.

TDO HF PVC welding machine

Machine Head

The model can also be equipped with lateral machine head adjustment, offering up to ±0.5m lateral adjustments and 360° manual or motorized rotation. This saves time as it reduces material handling.

TDO HF welding machine

Stationary or Travelling

Whether you need a stationary setup for detailed tent manufacturing or a travelling version for long, straight welds, the TDO has you covered. Pre-program welding cycles and automatic welding options ensure efficient, large-scale production.

Technical Specs

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