This is a photo of Forsstrom's machine model TDW.

Discover Forsstrom TDW

The TDW (5-25 kW), a trusted choice for over 30 years. The TDW is a large travelling machine with customized table length and it has 785 mm of free space behind the electrode. The welding table is equipped with a large trough for material storage.

Large Travelling

The TDW welding machine boasts a large travelling design, enabling it to cover extensive work areas efficiently. The robust design supports various welding applications, making it an ideal choice for large-scale projects.

Customizable Table Length

Understanding that every project has unique needs, all our travelling machines come with customizable table length. We can even upgrade your table lenght if you need more table.

Ample Space Behind the Electrode

The TDW machine is designed with ample space behind the electrode, measuring 785 mm, which provides operators with the necessary room to maneuver and handle materials comfortably.

Trough for Convenient Material Storage

This feature allows operators to keep essential materials and tools within easy reach, reducing downtime and streamlining the workflow. The integrated storage solution supports a more organized and efficient working environment.

Pre-Programmable Welding Cycles

This feature enables you to set specific parameters and sequences for different welding tasks in advance. As a result, you can switch between tasks without the need to manually adjust settings each time, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity.

Automatic Welding Options

By reducing the reliance on manual adjustments and oversight, the automatic welding options contribute to a smoother, more reliable production line, helping you meet deadlines and maintain high standards of workmanship.

TDW High Frequency welding machine

Efficient. Precise. Versatile.
Transforming Large-Scale Welding.

With its fast machine movement, the ability to pre-program welding cycles and the ability to switch the machine over to automatic welding, the TDW machine is suitable for large products with long, straight welds, such as tents, truck covers and billboards, as well as large-scale production.

Accessories and welding tools

Forsstrom offers a diverse range of accessories for our HF welding machines, designed to enhance and optimize your production process. Each accessory is carefully developed to meet the unique requirements of various industries, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.



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