TDW 200-1000

This is a photo of Forsstrom's machine model TDW.

The TDW machine (5-25 kW) is one of our most popular models and has been part of Forsstrom’s machine range for over 30 years.

The TDW is a large travelling machine with customized table length and it has 785 mm of free space behind the electrode. The welding table is equipped with a large trough for material storage.

With its fast machine movement, the ability to pre-program welding cycles and the ability to switch the machine over to automatic welding, the TDW machine is suitable for large products with long, straight welds, such as tents, truck covers and billboards, as well as large-scale production.

  • Large travelling machine
  • Popular and versatile classic
  • Efficient large-scale manufacturing

Forsstrom TDW