TX 200-500

This is apicture of Forsstrom's machine model TX.

Forsstrom TX HF Welding Machine (5-12 kW) (200-500 cm²) | High Frequency Welding machine

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Reliable and Efficient HF welding machine

Forsstrom TX is a reliable and efficient high frequency welding machine with up to 500 cm² weld area. The well-balanced machine can both be used as a stand-alone and as a complement to a larger system of welding machines.

One big advantage with the TX is the generous free space of 750 mm behind the electrode. It enables optimized material handling with the 3-side access. With carefully chosen components, the TX offers good conditions for qualitative HF-welding.

Key features:

  • Reliable machine with up to 500 cm² weld area
  • 3-side access for optimized material handling
  • Well-balanced and efficient stand-alone machine