Stationary HF Welding Machine

  • 5-12 kW emitted HF.
  • 200-500 cm² weldable surface.
  • 750 mm free space behind the electrode
  • 200 mm max electrode width
  • 75 mm daylight (with a 45 mm high electrode)

Discover Forsstrom TX

Forsstrom TX is a reliable and efficient high frequency welding machine with up to 500 cm² weld area. The well-balanced machine can both be used as a stand-alone and as a complement to a larger system of welding machines.

Generous free space

One big advantage with the TX is the generous free space of 750 mm behind the electrode. It enables optimized material handling with the 3-side access. With carefully chosen components, the TX offers good conditions for qualitative HF-welding.

Up to 500 cm² Weld Area

The TX Stationary HF Welding Machine is designed to deliver consistent, high-quality welds across a substantial area of up to 500 cm². The precision engineering and advanced technology incorporated in the TX model minimize downtime and maintenance needs.

Optimized Material Handling

The TX model features a 3-side access design, significantly improving material handling efficiency. This accessibility allows operators to load and unload materials from three different sides.

Well-Balanced and Efficient

The TX Stationary HF Welding Machine is engineered for optimal balance and efficiency. Its compact yet robust design ensures stability and ease of use. The machine’s efficiency is further enhanced by its ability to seamlessly integrate with larger welding systems.

Accessories and welding tools

Forsstrom offers a diverse range of accessories for our HF welding machines, designed to enhance and optimize your production process. Each accessory is carefully developed to meet the unique requirements of various industries, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.



Technical Specs

Forsstrom was the only company that, from the first meeting, presented special drawings and solutions and gave extra input.

Sven Manse, Product Manager, Hörmann Alkmaar

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