This is a picture of Forsstrom's machine model XP.


Detailed HF Welding Machine

  • 2-5 kW emitted HF.
  • 80-200 cm² max weldable surface.
  • 1 cm² min weldable surface
  • 200 mm max electrode width
  • 123 mm daylight (with a 45 mm high electrode)

Discover Forsstrom XP

The stationary HF-welding machine Forsstrom XP has been developed for complex and detailed welding. The XP can weld with as small tools as 1 cm².

Available in three versions

Forsstrom XP is available in three versions: XP 80 (2 kW) with free-arm, XP 120 (3 kW) with welding table and XPV 200 (5 kW) with a transversely-mounted electrode holder.

Forsstrom XP is a perfect complement to a travelling machine.

Complex and detailed welding

The XP is engineered to meet the demands of intricate and precise welding tasks. This makes it an ideal choice for industries that require high precision, such as medical device manufacturing and inflatable products.

Small, delicate electrodes available

Understanding the need for precision, Forsstrom has developed a vast variety of small electrodes. These electrodes are perfect for detailed work, allowing you to weld even the tiniest components with ease and accuracy.

Carmo CP9

Socket for external eyelet press (optional)

The HF welding machine XP also offers the flexibility of an optional socket for an external eyelet press.

Technical Specs

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