XP 80-120

This is a picture of Forsstrom's machine model XP.

Forsstrom XP HF Welding Machine (2-5 kW) (80-200 cm²) | High-Frequency Welder

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Developed for complex and detailed welding

The stationary HF-welding machine Forsstrom XP has been developed for complex and detailed welding. The XP can weld with as small tools as 1 cm².
Forsstrom XP is available in three versions: XP 80 (2 kW) with free-arm, XP 120 (3 kW) with welding table and XPV 200 (5 kW) with a transversely-mounted electrode holder.
Forsstrom XP is a perfect complement to a travelling machine.

  • Suitable for production with complex and detailed welding
  • Small, delicate electrodes are available
  • Socket for external eyelet press (optional)

The XP is best for, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Inflatable Products
  • Sport & Leisure

Features and benefits:

  • Developed specifically for complex and detailed welding applications, the Forsstrom XP excels in intricate tasks.
  • Capable of welding with small tools as small as 1 cm².
  • Available in three versions to suit different requirements:
    • XP 80 (2 kW) with a free arm.
    • XP 120 (3 kW) with a welding table.
    • XPV 200 (5 kW) with a transversely-mounted electrode holder.
  • The Forsstrom XP serves as an excellent complement to travelling machines.
  • Ideal for production tasks requiring complex and detailed welding.
  • Offers small and delicate electrodes.
  • Features a socket for an external eyelet press.

HF welding machine XP 80-120

The stationary HF welding / RF welding machine Forsstrom XP can weld with very small tools, down to 1 cm², and is suitable for the manufacturing of products with many detailed welding steps