Operating system

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The Forsstrom computer

All Forsstrom’s machines come with a computer developed by Forsstrom for the monitoring and control of the various welding process operations.

The operating system was developed through collaboration between Forsstrom programmers and sales representatives with experience in the field. In other words, it has been developed by individuals who know about welding technology and the demands placed by welders in industrial production. It is quite simply a system developed for welders by welders!

The computer system is designed for use during welding and nothing else. Because of its design, it is extremely specialized for its task. The Forsstrom computer has also been developed for use in an HF-environment, which is unique in the industry, and is therefore well protected against external disturbances. This helps to guarantee high-quality welding.

Direct communication between customers, sales representatives and programmers also played an integral role in the development of the software. Forsstrom has a broad range of computer programs specially designed to facilitate and ensure the quality of the welding process based on the specific needs of different industries.

Touch-screen computer

Since 2018, all Forsstrom machines are equipped with a new operating system with a touch-screen. The new operating system can be retrofitted on Forsstrom machines manufactured after the year 2001.

Touch-screen computer features:

  • 12″ touch screen
  • Easy selection between EMP, Standard and Impulse (if available) modes
  • Selection between Metric and Imperial
  • Possibility to have Tool Pressure in Bar, Kg, Kg/cm² or Lbs./inch²
  • Two step sequenced weld with individual settings for each weld
  • Cooling pressure, different pressure during cooling when welding
  • Possibility to save electrodes for easy tool change and optimized welding
  • Settings for both standard and supplementary tools with automatic turn-off of auto tuning if size of electrode is less than 25% of maximum machine capacity
  • Preset, quick change between user defined settings in Normal and Impulse modes
  • In EMP mode, database of pre-tested materials from major PVC manufacturers, such as Serge Ferrari, Mehler Texnologies, Sioen, Verseidag and Dickson with possibility to add settings for own materials frequently used
  • Easy change of operating language, currently the following languages are available; Swedish, English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and Turkish, and more will be added
  • Increased storage capacity, Forsstrom’s software has capacity to store data for up to 3 years and with iQ data will be transferred and secured when online with the welding machine
  • Easy software update by external software or iQ

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