Safety is very important to us at Forsstrom

Our machines should be a means for the operator to concentrate on the work at hand and perform it in the best possible manner. The operator should always feel assured that she/he is not vulnerable to danger or at risk of injury! To put it simply, you should always feel secure when working with a Forsstrom machine.

All Forsstrom’s machines fulfil the requirements (mandatory within the EU since 1 January 2008) of the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) guidelines for limited exposure to electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

All Forstrom’s machines are CE marked. Forsstrom also offers machines that comply with the standards for UL and CSA.

In addition, our machines are delivered with a number of accessories that are designed to create a safe and secure working environment for the operator:

  • All Forsstrom machines are equipped with an emergency stop button positioned in the middle of the control panel and clearly visible
  • All machines come with an earth electrode, which protects against electromagnetic fields
  • Our flash protection unit (thyristor protection unit) automatically stops the machine if the power-extraction becomes too high. This prevents sparks or burning, which could cause personal injury or material damage
  • A press protection system (PSK) is integrated in the electrode holder to eliminate the risk of crush injuries should an operator get the hand under the electrode during production
  • Our stationary machines can also be equipped with a 4-hand start, which is practical if two operators are working on the machine simultaneously. This means that the electrode cannot be moved down onto the welding table unless both operators activate “press down” simultaneously. This protects against crush injuries
  • All Forsstrom’s travelling machines come with a collision guard system mounted on the sides of the machine head. This prevents injury if a person for some reason is in the way of the machine as it travels.