Control programs

This is a picture of Forsstrom's EMP logo, Energy Monitoring Program.

Control programs included in Forsstrom’s standard package

These control programs are included in the standard software package in Forsstrom’s machines:

OMS (Overload Margin Supervisor)

OMS is a program that monitors welding effect and ensures that it stays within an approved interval during the welding cycle. If the effect differs from the approved interval, the machine emits a warning or stops automatically. The program thereby ensures a good quality weld and helps the user avoid dry welding or overheating, which results in material damage.

Welding Presets program

Forsstrom’s Welding Presets program enables quick change between user defined settings in Normal and Impulse modes for regular as well as supplementary welding electrodes. This software secures the quality of the finished product since tested machine settings can easily be repeated.

EMP (Energy Monitoring Program)

With EMP, the machine automatically sets parameters such as pressure, welding time and cooling time to values optimized for the material in question. These settings are based on tool surface, welding material and the machine’s welding effect. Forsstrom is the only company in the industry to offer this program, which radically simplifies and streamlines production through simpler tool changes, improved weld quality and less dependence on the skills of the individual operator.