Impulse welding unit

This is a photo of the impulse welding unit used in a Forsstrom HF-welding machine.

Impulse welding unit for materials that do not react with high frequency (HF).

The impulse welding unit is an accessory that Forsstrom’s travelling and stationary HF-welding machines can be equipped with to enable welding thin materials that do not react with HF, and that traditionally are welded with impulse or heat. With this kind of thin material, you make advertising banners and sun protection etc.

The impulse welding unit is integrated into the Forsstrom machine and is managed by the standard controls of the machine, which means that it is easy for the operator to use and not much extra training of personnel is necessary.

The machine’s standard electrode holder is used to fix the impulse welding electrode and changing tools is simple. It is also possible to have several different welding widths in the same machine.

With the impulse welding unit, the HF-welding machine becomes a complete system with the best of several technologies and there is no need to invest in several machines to be able to weld all kinds of materials.

A travelling Forsstrom machine equipped with an impulse welding unit has the same possibility to weld along the entire table length with both impulse and high frequency.