TDO-XS 300-800

The TDO-XS machine consists of a suspended HF-generator with welding press and is a stationary machine.

The TDO-XS is a smaller model of the TDO. The TDO-XS’s welding head is smaller, lighter and more compact, since the transformer and some other electronics are placed in a separate unit. TDO-XS is thus less heavy to rotate manually than the TDO.

The suspended TDO-XS (8-20 kW) machine head provides unlimited space on all sides of the machine, making the model suitable for large material volumes, such as when producing large tents and structures.

The stationary TDO-XS is suitable for the manufacturing of products that require many welding operations, such as details on tents or inflatable products.

The model can also be equipped with manual 360° rotation, which saves time as it reduces material handling.

  • Suspended stationary machine
  • Simplified handling of large material volumes
  • Can be equipped with adjustable machine head