Large Travelling HF Welding Machine

  • 16-30 kW emitted HF.
  • 650-1200 cm² weldable surface.
  • 820 mm free space behind the electrode
  • 600 mm max electrode width
  • 80 mm daylight (with a 45 mm high electrode)

Discover Forsstrom TDW-Ultra

The TDW-Ultra is a larger version of Forsstrom’s TDW and it is equipped with a wider lower press table, with a welding width of up to 600 mm. The 600 mm welding width increases the possibilities for welding large products that require special tooling.

Delivered with a flat welding table

The standard TDW-Ultra (16-30 kW) machine is delivered with a flat welding table in any length and optionally it can be delivered with a trough for material storage. The model can also be equipped with expanded stroke length, which increases production flexibility since it makes it possible to handle larger material thicknesses.

Large travelling model

Wider lower press table – welding width up to 600 mm

For welding with special tooling

Technical Specs

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