Maintenance tips


Our best tips for maintaining your HF welder

A Forsstrom high frequency welding machine lasts for a very long time. To make sure it last as long as possible, there are some maintenance tips that we suggest you take into consideration.

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Keep things clean when welding

Make sure that you keep the material, the welding equipment and the area around the machine clean. Dirt and dust on the material, the electrode or the welding table could cause circuit flashes, which can ruin both the material and the equipment. If you make sure that the machine and its surroundings are clean and in order, it saves both time and money because stop times and material spilling are reduced, and your Forsstrom machine lasts longer.

Check the earth electrode

Ensure that the machine’s earth electrode is intact, clean and doesn’t have any cracks. This reduces the risk of operational disturbances in the form of flashover or burning. An uneven earth electrode can also result in a loss of power and thereby an inferior welding result. We recommend to carry out regular inspection of the earth electrode and to replace the covering material when necessary.

Care for the transmitting tube

To extend the life of your machine’s transmitting tube, which is one of the most expensive single parts in your Forsstrom machine, we recommend the following practices:

(1) Let your machine warm up for 15 minutes before making the first weld of the day to eliminate any humidity

(2) Clean the filters on a monthly basis for better cooling in clean environments or once a week in poor air conditions

(3) Let your machine idle for 15 minutes to cool down after a day’s work before turning it off