Operating system

Forsstrom’s new operating system is standard on all machine models and has the following new features:

  • 12" touch screen
  • Easy selection between EMP-, Standard- and Impulse (if available) mode
  • Selection between Metric/Imperial
  • Possibility to have Tool pressure in Bar, Kg, Kg/cm² or Lbs./inch²
  • Two step sequenced weld with individual settings for each weld
  • Cooling pressure, different pressure during cooling than welding
  • Possibility to save electrodes for easy tool change and optimized welding
  • Settings for both standard and supplementary tools with automatic turn-off of auto tuning if size of electrode is less than 25% of maximum machine capacity
  • Preset, quick change between user defined settings in Normal and Impulse mode
  • In EMP mode, database of pre-tested materials from major PVC manufacturers, such as Serge Ferrari, Low & Bonar, Sioen, Verseidag and Dickson with possibility to add settings for own materials frequently used
  • Easy change of operating language, currently the following languages are available; Swedish, English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian and Turkish, more will be added
  • Increased storage capacity, the new software has capacity to store data for up to 3 years and with iQ data will be transferred and secured when online with the welding machine
  • Easy software update by external software or iQ
  • Can be retrofitted on Forsstrom machines manufactured after the year 2001
Operating system

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