Travel programs

This is a picture of Forsstrom's machine model TDW-Mega. Machines à souder à haute fréquence.

Travel programs included in the standard software package

These travel programs are included in the standard software package in Forsstrom’s travelling machines:

Length optimization program (LOP)

Forsstrom’s length optimization program optimizes machine travel when the total weld exceeds the length of the tool. The program automatically calculates the optimal number of weld seams necessary to achieve a specific total weld length and all overlaps are made the same size along the entire length of the weld. This saves time and eliminates the risk of miscalculations since the operator no longer needs to make any manual calculations.

AB positioning program

With the help of the AB positioning program, the machine can automatically move from one work station to another along the welding table. This makes the use of both the machine and the welding surface more efficient. This is part of the LOP program.