Welding tables

All travelling Forsstrom machines are delivered with a welding table, with or without trough for material storage.

The welding table can have a trough in the front of the table, or in the rear of the table or both. It can also be flat, without any trough.

The welding table can be equipped with rollers at the edge of the table – in the rear of, in front of and/or on the sides of the table. The rollers facilitate handling the material, which makes work easier for the operator, shortens production time and improves the finish of the welded product since the risk of material wrinkling is reduced. This is especially important on stationary machine models for facilitating movement of the material.

The welding tables for our travelling machines are available in one-meter modules. This makes it possible to adapt the table length to the specific needs of each customer. If necessary, the table can be extended later (available for all tables built the year 2005 and later). This option has been highly appreciated by those of our customers who over time have changed or increased production with greater volumes of material and because of that need a longer table.