DR 200-500

This is a picture of Forsstrom's machine model DR.

Forsstrom’s machine model DR is suitable for welding of large products since it has a large free space of 1500 mm behind the electrode.

The DR (5-12 kW) has been part of our machine range for over 25 years. It enables optimized material handling with the possibility to work from three sides of the machine. This model has a mechanical adjustable stop of the sink depth, which enables a safe weld of non-reinforced material for the production of for example pool liners.

The DR model has been further developed to accommodate our customer needs and the following additional features have been added:

  • Possibility of increased distance between welding electrode and earth electrode, up to 250 mm
  • Larger welding table and adaptable machine height
  • In-feed ramp for improved material handling