TDW-Mega 650-1000

This is a picture of Forsstrom's machine model TDW-Mega. Machines à souder à haute fréquence.

The TDW-Mega is developed on the request of our customers. The model is based on our TDW chassis and is equipped with a wider lower press table and has a welding width of up to 400 mm.

The 400 mm welding width increases the possibilities for welding large products and gives scope for production that requires various types of supplementary tools, such as circular welds.

We deliver the TDW-Mega (16-25 kW) machine with a table in any length with a trough for material storage. The model can also be equipped with expanded stroke length, which increases production flexibility since it makes it possible to handle larger material thicknesses.

  • Travelling model
  • Wider lower press table – larger welding width
  • For welding with separate tools