TG-90 Mega 300-1000

Forsstrom TG-90 Mega HF Welding Machine (8-25 kW) (300-1000 cm²) | High Frequency Welder

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Travelling gantry HF welding machine

The TG-90 Mega is Forsstrom’s new addition to our range of travelling HF gantry welding machines. Developed to minimize handling and increase productivity for our customers in an efficient and economical way.

Wide spectrum of advantages

Available with an output power from 8-25 kW, the TG-90 Mega offers a wide spectrum of advantages. Manual, lateral movement of 600 mm is made possible, as well as manual 180° rotation of the welding head. These properties allow for a reduction of material handling times.
The welding table length is adapted to customer requirements and can feature a trough for material storage, or be flat, depending on the nature of manufacture.

The Mega-execution stands for the possibility to weld up to 400 mm wide welds.

Operating platforms on both sides

The TG-90 Mega has working platforms on each side of the C-press chassis, and it  has operating panels on both sides. The operator has the choice to ride with the machine on the platforms provided, or alternatively the operator can stand on the floor in front of the machine, granting a high degree of flexibility.
The TG-90 Mega is suitable for large-volume products such as oil-booms, tensile structures, truck covers and tents.

Key Features:

  • Travelling gantry machine
  • Flexible and efficient production
  • Efficient and economical machine for large material volumes

TG-90 Mega travelling machine