Forsstrom High Frequency Excels at R+T 2024 in Stuttgart

R+T, held from February 19th to 23rd, proved once again to be a remarkable platform for Forsstrom to exhibit its pioneering technologies and solidify its position as an industry leader.

Among the standout attractions at the Forsstrom booth were The TDW, TX-Mega, and the FG 120, representing the pinnacle of high-frequency welding excellence. Notably, the booth featured the much-anticipated debut of the CP9, a groundbreaking development achieved through collaboration with Carmo A/S, further underscoring Forsstrom’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

Claus Ishøy and Rolf Bang Torres-Bjelke, esteemed representatives from Carmo A/S, graced the Forsstrom booth with their presence, symbolizing the fruitful partnership between the two companies in pioneering advancements within the industry.

The Forsstrom booth was ably manned by a stellar lineup of representatives, including Eduardo Mir from Forsstrom Ibérica, Stefan Heintzsch from Schirmacher, Steven van Raemdonck from Alpha, Dieter and Andrea Kalt from HFS-Technik, and Marc Pflaumer from Pflaumer Automation. Their expertise and dedication ensured that visitors received comprehensive insights into Forsstrom’s cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled service offerings.

The presence of Robert Forsström, COO of Forsstrom High Frequency, further underscored the company’s commitment to hands-on leadership and customer engagement. His visit served as a testament to Forsstrom’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections and staying closely attuned to the needs of its clientele.

R+T 2024 provided an ideal platform for Forsstrom High Frequency to showcase its unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The event not only highlighted Forsstrom’s technological prowess but also reinforced its position as a trusted partner in driving transformative success across a diverse range of industries.

As Forsstrom continues to chart new horizons and push the boundaries of possibility in high-frequency welding, its presence at R+T 2024 stands as a resounding testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. With a firm focus on delivering superior solutions and fostering meaningful partnerships, Forsstrom High Frequency remains poised to lead the industry into a future defined by innovation and unparalleled service.