Discover our most Popular PVC Welding Machines

TDW High Frequency welding machine


The TDW is a large travelling HF welding machine with customized table length and it has 785 mm of free space behind the electrode.

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TDO HF PVC welding machine


The suspended machine head provides unlimited space on all sides of the machine, making the model suitable for welding large material volumes.

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The CP9

The CP9 is designed to streamline your production process by integrating setting, punching, and welding of eyelets into a single, seamless operation.

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The MG-Flex

MG-Flex 300 is a compact HF welding machine with a welding head that can rotate 180°, makeing it easy for the operators to join heavy materials.

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The TX

Forsstrom TX is a reliable and efficient high frequency welding machine with up to 500 cm² weld area.

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The TG-90

The TG-90 is developed to minimize handling and increase productivity for our customers in an efficient and economical way.

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Discover our HF Welding Machines

At Forsstrom, we specialize in cutting-edge High Frequency (HF) / Radio Frequency (RF) welding equipment. With over 50 years of experience, we’ve pioneered innovative solutions that redefine efficiency and precision in various industries. Whether you’re in agriculture, automotive, or manufacturing, our HF welding machines empower your operations with seamless joining of PVC and PU materials.


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TDW-Mega High Frequency Welding Machine. HF welder

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Since the 70’s, we have perfected and developed high frequency (HF) technology to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our product range is very wide, with machines suitable for a variety of end products in many different market segments. We are determined to lead the way towards a sustainable manufacturing industry. We are equally determined for our customers to be successful and stay in the forefront. By working together, we can provide innovative solutions that add value over time.


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