This is a photo showing Forsstrom's oil tempered tool holder.

High frequency welding generates heat and the welding tool needs to be cooled.

The temperature of the electrode has to be kept at a uniform and limited level. Because of this, the tool holders of Forsstrom’s machines are air-cooled as a standard or oil-tempered as an option. Air-cooling is done with compressed air produced by an external compressor. Oil-tempering is a closed system in which oil circulates within the machine and the tool holder.

For machines with a high kW and machines put to very intense use in production, we recommend oil-tempering. In those cases the oil-tempering assists the machine in producing a more uniform weld with a better and more even result.

We also recommend oil-tempering for machines installed in climates with high temperatures or a high level of humidity. This is because the temperature of the compressed air produced in a compressor with high ambient air temperature is often not sufficiently low to cool the machine and because high humidity can cause machine damage.

If necessary, it is also possible to equip our machines with an extra cooling system.