Popular HF welders


The TDW is a large travelling HF welding machine with customized table length and it has 785 mm of free space behind the electrode.

The TX

Forsstrom TX is a reliable and efficient high frequency welding machine with up to 500 cm² weld area. The TX has 750 mm of free space behind the electrode.

The TX-Mega

Forsstrom TX-Mega is a larger version of the popular HF welding machine TX and can weld up to 450 mm in width. The TX-Mega has 880 mm free space behind the electrode.

The TDW-Mega

The TDW-Mega is developed on the request of our customers. The model is based on our TDW chassis and is equipped with a wider lower press table with a welding width of up to 400 mm.

The CP9

The CP9 is designed to streamline your production process by integrating setting, punching, and welding of eyelets into a single, seamless operation.

The FG

Forsstrom’s machine model FG 120 is a small 3kW HF-generator with built-in control system for controlling welding parameters such as time and power.

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What is HF welding?

High Frequency (HF) or Radio Frequency (RF) welding is a method of joining thermoplastic materials using radio waves and pressure to create high-quality welds.

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