Tents HF-welding

Party, circus, research, military or hospital care? A tent can be useful in many different occasions, and these are just some examples. Forsstrom has deep knowledge in developing and producing HF-welding machines and equipment for manufacturing tents of PVC. By using modern production technology, you can put high demands on the sustainability of the tents. Tents made of HF-welded PVC have the advantage of being sustainable and strong. HF-welded seams are longlasting, therefore it’s an environmentally good option.

The machines we recommend for manufacturing tents are TDW, TDW-Mega, TDW-Ultra, TX, TX-Mega, MG-L TDO-XS, TG-90 Mega, TG-Flex, TDO and TDO-XY Gantry.

The military kitchen and bathroom tents are products made by the company Sert in France.


The high peak tent has been produced by Rainier Industries, USA.

The large tents are manufactured by Grandchamp Structure Design, Canada.

The tent below has been produced by Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades, UAE.