Oil booms welding

Professionals need reliable equipment when disasters such as oil spill happen. Forsstrom has many years of experience of working closely with and developing equipment for world leading producers within oil spill response. Oil booms made of HF-welded PVC/PU have the advantage of being sustainable and strong. HF-welded seams are longlasting, therefore it is an environmentally good option. HF-welding is the cutting edge technology to use when manufacturing PVC/PU products for a harsh environment.

The machines we recommend for manufacturing oil booms are TDW, TDW-Mega, TX, TX-Mega, TDO-XS, TG-90 Mega, TG-Flex, TDO and TDO-XY Gantry.

The oil boom below is manufactured by Norlense, Norway.

This oil boom is produced in Rivertex material.